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‘She leaned in and kissed me full on the lips’: Marilyn Monroe had a lesbian affair with this 16-year-old, sensational new book claims. By Olivia Fleming Published: 17:09 EDT, 26 July 2012 | Updated: 17:31 EDT, 26 July 2012

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The latest national and international tour dates for the Black Lips, a punk rock band from Atlanta, GA

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Full Disclaimer: This is catered to a woman audience, but you are welcome to read regardless of gender or orientation! *** Lily saw the morning light gently stream through her and Blue’s apartment window. She s

A Lesbian Love Story. Full Disclaimer: This erotica is intended for WOMEN, not men. ***** It felt like the longest day in class for poor Lily.

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The Flaming Lips Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Coming June 1

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